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News - Press release: VTS Synthetics Symposium meets at elobau - elobau

Press release: VTS Synthetics Symposium meets at elobau

From May 11 to May 12, the VTS Synthetics Symposium, organized by the German company VTS Kunststoffe, took place. After various lectures had taken place in the city of Kempten on the first day of the event, elobau hosted the symposium on May 12 in Leutkirch.

The event serves as a forum for the technology, processing and application of synthetic material and is an important platform for highlighting current developments and trends in the synthetics industry. As part of the technical contributions on the first day, a lecture by elobau on the topic “Worldwide use of high-performance synthetics in the off-highway sector” was on the agenda. Speakers were Stefan Höß, Head of Mechanical Control Systems, and Markus Brutscher, Lead Engineer Mechanical Operating Systems. The focus of the presentation was on high-performance and sustainable synthetics from VTS, which are used at elobau. Among other things, the areas of application and requirements of these synthetics were presented on the basis of the modular standard 225MA Midi control armrest and the multifunction control armrest from TOYOTA for reach trucks. In addition, the speakers gave outlooks on autonomous agriculture, adaptive operating armrests and the operating concepts of new generations of armrests.

Finally, the sustainability goals and visions at elobau, which were the focus of the second day of the symposium, were presented. Around 100 guests from various companies and industries had come to Leutkirch to learn more about sustainable product development at elobau. The agenda included two lectures followed by a tour of the climate-neutral new buildings.

Successful into the future with sustainable technology

At first, Dr. Thilo Ittner, Managing Director at elobau, shed light on the foundation company’s understanding of sustainability. In this way, visitors learned how the topic consistently runs through all areas and is being driven forward – from the corporate culture based on respectful cooperation, flexibility through a high level of vertical integration to climate neutrality since 2010. It became clear that a good and consistently implemented sustainability strategy is of fundamental importance today, because it also determines more and more about the future viability of a company. In his presentation, Ittner used several examples to illustrate how the topic of sustainability is implemented in elobau’s products: For example, the 225MA Midi modular armrest, which is used in mobile machines, is made of 75% bio-based synthetics and is characterized by its repairability and durability. The study carried out by elobau of a control armrest with a focus on industrialized EcoDesign showed the guests how the CO2 footprint can be significantly reduced by using sustainable materials such as the new Karun (consisting of 97.5% rattan). In order to further advance the sustainability already inherent in the product, a team responsible for sustainable product development was also founded at elobau under the leadership of Stefan Höß. This also meets the growing demand from customers for sustainably manufactured products. The presentation illustrated how sustainable product development can succeed in the responsible use of resources and the environment and showed how elobau is doing its part to make the world a bit more sustainable.

Passing on your own wealth of experience at eye level: elocompanion as a partner for sustainability

The second presentation focused on the elobau subsidiary elocompanion. Rui Duarte Ramalheiro, sustainability advisor, underlined the great responsibility of the industry in the fight against the effects of climate change. He explained the contribution elocompanion makes here by passing on the experience gained by elobau to other companies on their way to sustainability. In this way, more and more companies in the industry can be empowered to act sustainably themselves. However, practical reasons for the importance of advice from elocompanion were also explained: Duarte Ramalheiro, for example, referred to the fact that from 2026 most large companies in the EU will have to prepare a sustainability report for the past year. He also emphasized that it is also of growing importance for the recruitment of employees whether a company acts sustainably. Numerous interested questions from the audience completed the presentations.

During the subsequent tour of the climate-neutral new company buildings, the visitors were finally able to get an impression of how the topic of sustainability is implemented at elobau in terms of architecture, production technology and the employee-friendly design of the workplaces. In addition, insights into elobau’s extensive product portfolio were also gained.

About elobau

The foundation company elobau is a globally active manufacturer of non-contact sensor technology, level measurement and operating elements for mechanical and plant engineering as well as mobile working machines. Headquartered in Leutkirch in the Allgäu region and with around 1,200 employees worldwide, the company has made it its mission to offer sustainable solutions.

Leutkirch, 05/19/2023

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News - Press release: VTS Synthetics Symposium meets at elobau - elobau
Rui Duarte Ramalheiro, sustainability companion at elocompanion, underlined the great responsibility of the industry in the fight against the effects of climate change.
News - Press release: VTS Synthetics Symposium meets at elobau - elobau
A tour of elobau's climate-neutral new buildings with sustainability companion Martin Thierberger made it clear how the topic of sustainability is implemented at elobau architecturally, in terms of production technology and in the employee-friendly design of workplaces.
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