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Innovative initiative for remote control of mobile machinery

Strong partnership: The two Allgäu-based companies Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) and elobau are initiating a joint innovation study on the remote control of mobile machinery via the mobile phone network.
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News | elobau

Into the future with adaptivity: what makes the aISA system 2.0 so innovative

It was the highlight of elobau’s booth at Agritechnica: the adaptive armrest aISA. The innovative research project connects the operator armrest, tractor & implement, offering implement manufacturers the opportunity to transfer their own operating philosophy to the haptic operating system of the aISA armrest. ... read more
News | elobau

elobau presents adaptive control armrest from the joint project aISA

At Agritechnica 2023, elobau shows an innovation: the aISA system combines adaptive control armrest, tractor & implement. This gives implement manufacturers the opportunity to transfer their own operating philosophy based on the ISOBUS standard to the haptic operating system of the aISA armrest. ... read more
News | elobau

elobau and Kempten University of Applied Sciences are researching the tractor operation of the future

The increasing degree of autonomy will revolutionize the use of many products in the coming decades. This also applies to the agricultural sector. Largely autonomous tractors should make farmers' work easier and more efficient in the future - but they also need a human-machine interface. ... read more
News | elobau

Tactile feedback – With all senses at work

Controlling mobile machinery safely, intuitively and efficiently - the elobau tactile feedback opens up new possibilities. ... read more
News | elobau

424S expands their range of angle sensors

elobau adds the 424S variant to its angle sensor portfolio. This means that mobile machinery designers now have an angle sensor with a combined output signal available. ... read more
News | elobau

aISA: Prototype of an adaptive multifunctional armrest

In a three-year research project called aISA (adaptive interface systems in agricultural tractors), elobau, together with the University of Hohenheim and the University of Stuttgart, researched and developed an operating system for tractors that can be adapted to different operating scenarios. ... read more
News | elobau

Digital and successful – successful premiere for the eloLounge Days 2021

From June 15 to 17, elobau held its first virtual in-house exhibition. ... read more
News | elobau

2u Industry – Level measurement using ultrasound

Ultrasonic sensors allow precise measurement in adverse industrial environments. ... read more
News | elobau

The stainless steel immersion float switch – everything safely in view

The stainless steel immersion float switch is the freely configurable one-size-fits-all solution for monitoring empty and overflow in process plants and tank applications. ... read more
News | elobau

elobau opens eloLounge

elobau opens its own virtual showroom, the eloLounge. To mark the opening, the eloLounge Days will take place from 15 June - 17 June. Over the three days, there will be presentations covering the whole elobau world. 100m record holder Julian Reus is also among the speakers. ... read more

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