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News - Press release: Staying a step ahead: elobau’s 2025 sustainability goals - elobau

Press release: Staying a step ahead: elobau’s 2025 sustainability goals

The result of elobaus’s balance sheet on the Economy for the Common Good confirms that this company is at the forefront of its industry. elobau has set itself five ambitious goals to be achieved by 2025 to create further added value for society, the environment and the economy.

In our latest report on the Economy for the Common Good, elobau presented the balance sheet for 2018 and 2019. With a result of 602 points, our score had increased by 4.4% compared to the 2018 report. elobau has set itself ambitious goals that will ensure we stay at the forefront of the manufacturing industry and continue to develop. These targets relate to the energy and equity ratio, supplier certification, employee catering and plastic materials used.

Increase the energy quota to 80%

The energy quota is a fundamental tool for becoming and remaining climate-neutral. In 2019, elobau’s energy quota was 69%. For 2025, elobau has set itself the goal of producing 80% of the energy it needs. In 2018 and 2019, elobau  already generated 3.9 Gwh using energy-plus buildings, photovoltaic systems and micro gas turbines. elobau is approaching the 80% mark from two sides: firstly, by reducing consumption and, secondly, by investing in further PV systems.

Consistently maintain the equity ratio above 70%

The second objective deals with elobau’s equity ratio. So far, elobau has mainly financed investments using capital resources. In 2019, the company had an equity ratio of 72.4%. For comparison, the industry average is around 35%. This ratio will be maintained constantly above 70% for further investments between now and 2025. We will continued to strengthen our equity base by retaining reserves to enable us to maintain the equity ratio for upcoming investments. This will also let us react quickly and flexibly to a wide range of demands, which is particularly important in times of crisis.

Only use certified suppliers

elobau’s targets also cover the area of suppliers. Our aims are as follows: by 2025, elobau will only work with suppliers who provide evidence of adequate working conditions and human rights standards. This will be achieved by analysing the supply chain and implementing a supplier evaluation platform.

During the audit, important economic, ecological and social points will checked, evaluated and recorded using a points system. Potential for improvement and development results will be exchanged. If a supplier requires support, elobau will make its experience available as required. “Our stated goal is to foster long-term partnerships with preferred suppliers who want to join us on our path”, explains Horst Huber, Head of Purchasing.

25% vegetarian dishes in the organic canteen

Sustainability also affects areas that are not primarily related to production – such as the organic canteen. The proportion of vegan and vegetarian dishes in the self-operated organic canteen is set to rise to 25% by 2025. The rate is currently 13%. Organic products from the region are prepared daily in the organic canteen, which is not only open to our own employees.

Increase the proportion of bio-based and recycled plastics in our products to 20%

But the most tangible factor for customers and retailers is our product range. elobau intends to increase the proportion of bio-based and recycled plastics to 20% by 2025. The development of bio-based, petroleum-free plastics was initiated by elobau in 2015. elobau is considered an industry pioneer in this area. Our greatest success is the modular 225MA midi armrest, which reached market maturity in 2019. 75% of the plastics used in the product are already biobased. The abrasion-resistant armrest is made from organic, environmentally friendly apple leather.

elobau is a global manufacturer of contactless sensor technology, level measurement elements and operator control elements for mechanical and plant engineering and mobile machinery. Based in Leutkirch im Allgäu, Germany, and with over 1000 employees, the company has set itself the task of offering sustainable solutions.


Leutkirch, 26/07/2021

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Pressebild 1 elobau Werk 2
The three newest elobau buildings are energy-positive buildings. They generate more energy than is consumed within them – an important factor for increasing the energy quota.
The range of vegetarian food in the canteen will be increased to 25%. The meals are greatly enjoyed by staff and external guests.
Modulare Armlehne 225 MA midi Kampagnenmotiv
Bio-based plastics and apple leather are already used in the modular armrest 225 MA midi. Over the coming years, elobau intends to further expand its use of environmentally friendly alternatives.
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