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News - PM elobau presents seal-free suction lance - elobau

PM elobau presents seal-free suction lance

The specialist for sensor technology from Leutkirch im Allgäu is introducing a new generation of suction lances, the eloLance. The eloLance with its low extraction-point and seal-free construction was designed specifically to increase sustainability in the suctional-lance and level sensing space.

Offering both level measurement and fluid extraction in one component, this new suction lance is designed for use in interchangeable canisters and emphasizes ergonomics and sustainability. The low-lying extraction point promotes the conservative and sustainable use of fluids and reduces the residual amount in the container. With its high degree of reliability and durability in different types of fluids, simple and safe operation, as well as climate-neutral production in Germany, the eloLance offer users the ideal solution.

The eloLance is built without seals and with a movable clamping cone. This allows the height of the eloLance to be adjusted to the height of the calendar and means that the user will no longer require media-specific seals nor different variants for the removal of fluids in interchangeable canisters. The eloLance is available in lengths from 260 mm to 1200 mm.


News - PM elobau presents seal-free suction lance - elobau
The new generation of suction lances from elobau is called the eloLance.

Fields of application for the eloLance

The eloLance can be used anywhere that interchangeable liquid cannisters are utilized: in professional dishwashers, medical and industrial washing machines as well as in car washes and cleaning machines. The eloLance is also well-suited for use in dosing technology, water treatment and pool technology. And, with the hose and cable outlet on the side, the eloLance fits nicely into tight spaces. Moreover, the head part, with its ergonomic design, was developed for quick and intuitive container changeovers and facilitates an easy grasp.

Extraction point and empty status notification

Get every last drop out of your containers thanks to the low-lying extraction point, ensuring that users can use the canisters economically and sustainably. To keep the pump from running dry, the eloLance emits a pre-empty and empty status signal to enable the user to change containers in due time. The pre-empty status message is issued at 77 mm fill level, and the empty status message at 22 mm.


News - PM elobau presents seal-free suction lance - elobau
Suction lances combine the functions of fluid extraction and level measurement.

Modular and flexible

The modular hose connection concept enables hose changeovers with self-sealing and exchangeable hose connectors. The hose connectors are factory-fitted in sizes for hoses with an inner diameter of ID 4 mm, ID 6 mm or ID 8 mm or are available separately. The system also works with third-party connectors: the G3/8″ thread ensures that commercially available connectors can also be used.

Cleanliness when changing containers

As cleanliness is important in all fields of application, this was taken into account in the course of development in several different ways. The filter screen right at the top of the flow tube prevents the aspiration of larger foreign objects. The integrated outlet brake minimises the return of fluid when changing containers. The clamping cone minimises fluid spills in the event that the canister were to fall over.

More information on the latest generation of suction lances from elobau is available under

About elobau

elobau is a global manufacturer of contactless sensor technology, level measurement and operator controls for mechanical and plant engineering as well as mobile machinery. Based in Leutkirch im Allgäu and with over 1,100 employees, the company has made it its mission to offer sustainable solutions. The eloLance is also a part of this commitment.

Leutkirch, 13.02.2023

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News - PM elobau presents seal-free suction lance - elobau
The specially developed mounting cone can either be used to clamp the suction lance to the container or to mount the container lid. The head part with its ergonomic design was developed for quick and intuitive container changeovers and promotes easy maneuverability.

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