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News - Innovative initiative for remote control of mobile machinery - elobau
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Innovative initiative for remote control of mobile machinery

Strong partnership: The two Allgäu-based companies Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) and elobau are initiating a joint innovation study on the remote control of mobile machinery via the mobile phone network.

Autonomous and semi-autonomous machines will always find themselves in situations that they cannot resolve independently. Instead of time-consuming on-site visits, an operator should be able to connect to the machine via remote access and take over control for a limited period of time. As part of the innovation study, STW and elobau want to examine the technical framework conditions and the requirements for the human-machine interface in more detail.

Both companies have several decades of experience as suppliers of mobile machinery. STW is primarily contributing its expertise in the field of digitalization and automation to the project. elobau is contributing its experience in the field of the human-machine interface. By the end of the year, a technology demonstrator will be created which will provide new insights and promote exchange with vehicle manufacturers on the topic.

News - Innovative initiative for remote control of mobile machinery - elobau
The project team from elobau and STW at the kick-off workshop in Leutkirch. From left to right: Timo Schempp, Stefan Lang, Luis Andelfinger (connected), Ingmar Stöhr, Tobias Moll, Michael Wolfer

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