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News - Construction project "Sprinkler system and indoor platform logistics center" completed at elobau - elobau
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Construction project "Sprinkler system and indoor platform logistics center" completed at elobau

At the end of February, elobau celebrated the completion of the sprinkler system and indoor platform in the company's logistics area, which has been under construction since March 2023.

On February 22, 2024, elobau celebrated the completion of a major project – the construction of a state-of-the-art sprinkler system and a versatile indoor platform in the logistics area. The foundations for this construction project were laid with the start of planning in the fall of 2022 and after an intensive construction phase, the inauguration could now take place.

The architects involved from f64-Architekten, specialist planners and tradespeople were invited to the ceremony to celebrate the completion of this important milestone together – first over drinks and then over dinner together in the company canteen “esszimmer”.

The decision to build the sprinkler system was based on insurance requirements. The complete retrofitting of the logistics hall with an automatic extinguishing system required a thorough analysis, including consultations with insurers, experts, the fire department and fire protection. At the end of this comprehensive process, elobau opted for an automatic water-bearing sprinkler extinguishing system that not only meets legal requirements, but also complies with all relevant standards.

Parallel to this project, the new hall stage was used as an opportunity to expand the space for operational processes and offices, with the concept of sustainability playing an important role here, as is so often the case at elobau. The existing space was compacted instead of opening up new areas. The space was thus used efficiently and over 600 square meters of new office and storage space was created, which corresponds to the proven workplace quality in terms of optimal lighting conditions and ventilation.

Some of the construction work took place over weekends and was carried out during ongoing operations at elobau – a challenge that was successfully mastered. The resulting building and the technology integrated into it not only strengthen safety at elobau, but also offer new opportunities for future growth.

A big thank you goes to everyone involved, whose commitment and expertise contributed significantly to the success of this project. We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to a safe and innovative future at elobau.

News - Construction project "Sprinkler system and indoor platform logistics center" completed at elobau - elobau

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