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A pandemia de COVID-19 ainda está afetando partes significativas de nossas vidas ...

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elobau continua se desenvolvendo no âmbito da Economia para o Bem Comum

A elobau melhora em 7% seu resultado no relatório de Economia para o Bem Comum de auditoria externa.
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A elobau recebeu o «Umweltpreis für Unternehmen 2020» (Prêmio Ambiental para Empresas) do estado de Baden-Württemberg

Há mais de dez anos que a elobau se empenha ativamente na sustentabilidade e foi agora premiada na categoria de empresas industriais com mais de 250 funcionários. ... saiba mais

Ecologia em preto e amarelo: abelhas sobre o telhado da elobau

Desde 2018, as abelhas operárias da elobau, as "elobees", voam pelos campos e prados de Leutkirch coletando pólen e néctar. ... saiba mais

Purpose over profit – arte films at elobau

As part of a report on the topic of “Purpose ownership,” a crew from the TV station arte filmed for several days at elobau. The report will be broadcast on November 5. ... saiba mais

Prototype of an adaptive multifunctional armrest as a new type of operating system for tractors

In a three-year research project called aISA (adaptive interface systems in agricultural tractors), elobau, together with the University of Hohenheim and the University of Stuttgart, researched and developed an operating system for tractors that can be adapted to different operating scenarios. ... saiba mais

elobau supports innovative technologies

elobau supports the project «Rowesys – Robotic Weeding System» – from ETH Zurich as main sponsor. In this project, ten motivated ETH students pursue the goal of developing a sustainable alternative for the herbicide overuse in agriculture. ... saiba mais

Mask production at elobau

For several months now, the corona pandemic has been affecting everyday life across the world. Entire industries are collapsing while others are hopelessly overloaded. But the virus also allows for creative ideas and social cohesion to grow ... ... saiba mais

Elobau Joystick ensures precise control of concrete finishers

Laying and finishing concrete floors is heavy and time-consuming work. The Luxembourg company Topp and Screed builds machines that lay large concrete industrial floors in one day. Joysticks from elobau take care of the operation of these machines. ... saiba mais

Climate protection in the time of the Corona Crisis

Especially in times of Corona an ambitious climate policy is a central component to make the economy sustainable and resilent. ... saiba mais

A durable and electric vehicle with a chemical-less weed eliminator, made possible in part by elobau

Alltrec is a 100% electric, low maintenance and quiet while being operated. But most importantly, it has zero CO² emissions, making it a contributor to a better tomorrow. ... saiba mais

elobau level measurement products help with precision and recording in crop protection

Level sensors are widely used in various industries to determine the level in tanks, for example, the food and beverage industry. It is also essential for crop protection. ... saiba mais

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