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Climate neutral since 2010

We operate sustainably: thoughtfully and with foresight

Our mission statement explains what quality and innovation means to us, and why it is significant to our company. These topics are fundamental to our approach to economic responsibility ad sustainability. Alongside quality and innovation, our independence and reliability are also part of our economic responsibility. We want to be an attractive and responsible employer, and count ourselves amongst the leading midsize German companies in terms of sustainability.

  • Our customers focus our thinking – innovative products of the highest quality

    Economic sustainability doesn’t only relate to us. Our primary goal is for our products to give our customers competitive advantages and strengthen the entire value chain. Our customers value us for our innovative product solutions. To achieve this we make above-average investments in research and development. For example, we have our own electronics and software development department as well as our own test laboratory. In our pre-development department we work on new product ideas and technologies for our customers. With our high level of vertical integration, all essential functions are in-house. We manufacture in Germany using state of the art equipment, which allows us to offer our customers high quality, flexibility and speed. We are also focused on improving cost-efficiency. With the use of predictive quality management, we work on systematically preventing the cause of faults, eliminating the potential for defects. Certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 is a must for us.

  • Competitiveness with customised solutions and efficient processes

    Creating customised solutions of the highest technical level, we help our customers create unique selling points. We ensure our ability to compete for the long-term by continually investing in our products, production engineering and core competencies. Our guiding principle regarding production is to prevent the waste of resources so our processes are continually improved. We are not satisfied with the status quo: we work continuously with our employees on further improving quality assurance, processes and of course our products. With self-regulating production processes, modern control and logistics concepts, we further strengthen our ability to quickly and flexibly meet our customer’s requirements.

  • Economy | We operate sustainably: thoughtfully and with foresight | elobau

    Independence means freedom to create

    We operate in many different areas and aim to strike a balance between the business segments. This allows us to be a reliable business partner to our customers even during difficult economic times. A high equity ratio allows us to retain our decision making power over future issues. We do not force growth at any cost. Instead, we focus on the sustainable development of the company.

  • Economy | We operate sustainably: thoughtfully and with foresight | elobau

    We offer insights

    In 2014 we joined the German Sustainability Code so we could make our efforts in the area of sustainability transparent and comparable. We also published our first Declaration of Conformity on the principles of the German Council for Sustainable Development.

  • Economy | We operate sustainably: thoughtfully and with foresight | elobau

    The motto at elobau is “focus on people”

    As a family-run foundation company, we main a reliable and sustainable partnership with our employees, 87% of whom recommended us as an employer according to the Great Place to Work® study in 2017. Since 2009, we have been polling our staff on an annual basis via the Institute Great Place to Work® on key issues such as the working environment, career development opportunities, leadership, health promotion and work life balance. This brings many advantages, weak points in the company became clear to us and through their feedback, our employees can actively shape the company.

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