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Climate neutral since 2010

Ecology at elobau

Climate change is a fact that affects everyone, and as a foundation company, we feel a responsibility for future generations. Since 2010 we have been operating as a carbon-neutral company. In addition to continually improving our environmental management, ecology also plays an increasingly important role in the development of our products. In line with our mission statement, our goal is to turn elobau into an “energy self-sufficient” company by means of regenerative energy sources. We measure against our energy footprint: we aim to increase the ratio of self-produced energy on our balance sheet step by step. Although we continually make improvements, we never lose sight of the big picture. For example, we selected a biogas plant that covers our biogas needs, it recycles food waste instead of raw materials that compete with the production of foodstuffs.


Environmental management

Continuous improvement in environmental management

  • Since 2010 we have had an environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001.
  • Every year we prepare and submit a greenhouse gas balance sheet which is published in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  • Our Plant 2 building and logistics centre in Leutkirch, as well as our Plant 3 in Probstzella are all EnergiePlus buildings. All three facilities use only green power.
  • We compensate for unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions with Verified Emission Reduction (VER) Certificates in accordance with the Gold Standard.

Further developments to our community concept since 2014

  • Business travel: Conversion of the vehicle fleet to energy efficiency class A since 2017, ban on SUVs, as well as consistent use of Deutsche Bahn’s green electricity options
  • Commuting: “Ride a bike” bicycle scheme for all employees (subsidised bike leasing)
  • Bonus programmes: company paid bonus offer for the Nissan LEAF

Energy management

We produce about 83% of the energy we need ourselves

  • Since 2013, we have had a DIN EN 50001 compliant energy management system
  • Our latest numbers say it all: In 2014 we used a total of 3.77 GWh of energy, which is electricity and gas combined. At the same time, our micro gas turbine together with the PV systems produced 3.14 GWh of power. This means we achieved an energy balance rate of about 83%

Components of our energy technology

  • A geothermal plant
  • Two 65 kWp micro gas turbines
  • Five photovoltaic systems with a total output of approx 2,937 kWp.


Climate protection projects

We support various national and international projects.

We support two conservation projects in Allgäu

Other projects

  • We have been a global partner of VisionsWald since 2001. They are reforesting a fallow area of 620 hectares as a new rain forest. VisionsWald stands out from other reforestation projects as in the long-term, the project should finance itself. Since 2015, the project has been classified as a Gold Standard VER Project by the TŰV
  • We have supported Plant for the Planet since 2012 and in that time have planted 17,000 trees with them
2017 certificate for greenhouse gas compensation
Kompensationszertifikat 2015 pdf 1.67 MB

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