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The sensor technology product range is complemented with a range of accessory components. The accessories are designed to simplify mounting and installation for the user and ensure easy machine integration.


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Circular connector M12 4-pin/5-pin, angled, with coupling ring, plastic

Connection cable M12 4-pin with coupling ring, plastic

AMP Superseal 1.5 2-pin/3-pin

Micro Quadlock AMP 3-pin/6-pin

Deutsch connector DT 06-6S 3-pin/6-pin

Deutsch connector DT 06-8S 4-pin/8-pin

Circular connector M8 4-pin

Circular connector M12 4-pin

Mounting bracket for sensors

Plastic magnet 324790 Ø25x7mm

Plastic magnet 324100 Ø12mm

Oxide magnet 304650 75x30x23mm

Oxide magnet 300770 Ø22.5x11mm

Oxide magnet 30078 Ø26x11mm

Oxide magnet 30079 Ø23x8mm

Oxide magnet 3015.0 23×17.5x16mm

AlNiCo magnet 324SG001 28.5x19mm

SEKO magnet 324102 Ø8x17mm

Oxide magnet 301650 Ø50x25x15mm

Circular connector M8 3-pin with coupling ring

Circular connector M8 4-pin with coupling ring

Circular connector M12 4-pin with coupling ring, die-cast zinc

Circular connector M12 4-pin/5-pin/8-pin with coupling ring, plastic

IO-Link Modul Ultraschallsensoren

elo USB IO-Link Master

Installation adapter for cylinder switch

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