Multi-function handles

elobau’s Joystick handles 341G/342G, 361G/362G and 351G are used for the ergonomic operation of off highway machinery, for raising and lowering the forks of industrial trucks and for operating various attachments. The output signal can be output in analogue and digital form, and can control the drive of the most important functions of the machine. Optionally available with a direct connection to a bus system.

  • Modular design
  • Fatigue-free operation through ergonomically designed joystick handles
  • Button colours and symbols can be individually customised


3 Products in the category

Multifunktionsgriff 341G

Joystick grips 341G…/342G…

  • 341G... right handed
  • 342G... left handed
  • ergonomic
Multifunktionsgriff 351G

Joystick grip 351G…

  • ambidextrous
  • straight grip
Multifunktionsgriff 361G

Joystick grip 361G…/362G…

  • 361G... right handed
  • 362G... left handed
  • 362G... left handed

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