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Within this category you will find various cable sets with Deutsch, Superseal and Molex connectors, which can be used for connecting elobau’s operator controls.

The CAN module enables a direct connection to a CAN bus system. We can provide advice during selection to ensure the right product is selected, and adapted to fit your requirements.


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Deutsch connector L1FD.0.B DT 6-pole

  • Suitable for J4 CAN joysticks and CAN module 351CM007
  • Suitable for outdoor use, IP67

Superseal connector L0.C00.B01

  • Suitable for elobau standard joysticks with CAN output
  • Suitable for outdoor use, IP67
Molex Micro-Fit L2PK00.A

Molex L2PK00.A

  • Suitable for J1 Joystick
  • Available in different lengths
351CM CAN Adapter

CAN Module

  • Housing made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic
Molex L4.D00.A

Molex L4.D00.A

  • Suitable for elobau multifunction handles
  • Suitable for outdoor use, IP54
L2 Molex Mini-Fit Stecker

Molex L2.D00.A

  • Suitable for elobau standard joysticks
  • Number of connection poles selectable

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