Maschinensicherheit Zubehoer

Accessories for machine safety

For optimum performance in terms of operating distances, offset values and tampering protection, the actuators should be used with the corresponding safety sensor.

When selecting the correct combination of safety sensor and actuator, care should be taken to ensure the maximum opening gap of the machine is not exceeded.


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Round connector K04.00

Round Connector K1..00

Connection cable K5.G

Coupling socket and coupling connector 35115

T-connector 350AT..K

Terminating plug 350AGA2K01

MS installation wrench

Actuator 153EBK001

  • For 153ESK00 series. 1 / 153ESK00.3

Actuator 165EBK001

  • For 165ESK00 series. 1. / 165 ESK00.3

Actuator 153MBK

  • For 153MSK.0.1 series

Actuator 165MBK

  • For 165 MSK series
Sicherheitssensor 122

Actuator 122MBV

  • Stainless steel
  • For safety sensor 122MSV

Actuator 30426112V

Sicherung der Befestigungsschrauben 351041

Anti-tamper mounting screws 35104

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