Float switches side mount

Float switches side mount from elobau are compact with horizontal installation, making them ideal for use in small containers, eg for the output of alarm messages, leakage monitoring, dry-running and overfill protection or pump control.

A magnet located in the float moves as the liquid level rises. When a specified switching point is reached, this magnet actuates the reed contact.

Float switches side mount are wear-free and operate contactlessly and without energy through the use of reed contacts. Additionally, they are maintenance free and easy to install, ensuring cost-effective commissioning and operations.

Product highlights:

  • Long service life through wear-free reed contact technology
  • Three different designs for various requirements and applications
  • Numerous materials for use in nearly all liquids
  • Lateral as well as space-saving installation
  • N.O./N.C selectable as well as changeover contact
  • Reed contacts with high switching power
  • Various process connections offer flexibility
  • Select between cable outlet, pigtail or M12 connector


3 Products in the category

Klappschwimmerschalter 204KS

Float switch 204KS

  • With mechanical joint
  • Very compact design
  • With sealing collar or thread
Klappschwimmerschalter 205KS

Float switch 205KS

  • With Teflon joint
  • With sealing collar or thread

Float switch 207KS

  • With mechanical joint
  • With sealing collar or thread

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