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Position detection

elobau sensors are contactless, wear and maintenance-free, and precise. The electronic sensors are based on the Hall, MEMS, magnetoresistive or ultrasonic principles. In addition to ultrasonic sensors, tilt sensors, angle sensors and proximity sensors, our product portfolio also includes various position sensors on a reed-contact basis (also for explosive areas), such as magnetic sensors, vane switches and plunger switches.

This range means that there is an elobau sensor available for many mobile and industrial applications. In addition to the extensive standard range, elobau also quickly and efficiently produces customised solutions in close partnership with the customer.

Product highlights:

  • Long service life through contactless technologies
  • Precise measurement using high-resolution
    measurement methods
  • Large operating distances depending on the magnet
  • Wide variety of different electrical connections
  • Various output signals: analogue, digital, bus
    connection via CANopen or SAE J1939
  • Redundant variants
  • Robust and compact housing designs in various materials
  • Explosion-proof versions
  • NO, NC and CO contacts
  • Industry 4.0 ready – IO-Link
  • Temperature range -40 °C to +150 °C
  • Protection class up to IP69K

13 Products in the category Position detection

Näherungsschalter 151SG

Magnetic sensor 151SG0

  • 28,5 x 19 x 6,35 mm
  • PA housing
  • connection wires
Näherungsschalter 153

Magnetic sensor 153

  • 26 x 36 x 13mm
  • PA housing
  • PVC cable
Rohrschalter 120

Magnetic sensor 120

  • M18 x 55 mm
  • PA housing
  • PVC cable
Magnetsensor 122

Magnetic sensor 122

  • M12 x 46 mm
  • PA housing
  • PVC cable
Rohrschalter 125

Magnetic sensor 125

  • Ø6 x 42 mm
  • brass housing
  • PVC cable
Rohrschalter 126

Magnetic sensor 126

  • Ø6 x 30 mm
  • PA housing
  • PVC cable
Rohrschalter 128

Magnetic sensor 128

  • M10 x 48 mm
  • brass housing
  • PVC cable
12261 Hall Sensor

Magnetic sensor 12261

  • M12 x 46 mm
  • PA/brass housing
  • PVC cable
Rohrschalter 12761

Magnetic sensor 12761

  • M8 x 29mm
  • brass housing

Magnetic sensor 133

  • M 5 x 26 mm
  • PVC cable
Schlitzschalter 1405

Slot sensor 1405

  • M30 x 52 x 15 mm
  • PA housing & PVC cable
  • optional nuts
Schlitzschalter 1471

Slot sensor 147

  • 32.5 x 32.25 x 21.51 mm
  • PBT housing & PUR cable
  • Deutsch connector
Stößelschalter 14400204

Plunger switch 144

  • UNF 9/16-18-2A
  • mit AMP Superseal 2pol.

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