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Modular Armrest 225MA Midi

Modular Armrest 225MA Midi

  • Sustainable: 75% of the plastics used are bio-based
  • Safe: Safety level AgPL c (ISO 25119)
  • Practical: Storage compartment with USB charging socket for smartphones
  • Conforms to standards: Mother Regulation compliant (EU 167/2013)
  • Plug & Play: CAN bus (SAE J1939)
  • Clearly designed: Colours, symbols, function and night illumination

State-of-the-art technology and perfected ergonomic design have been standard in the vehicles of the “big players” for mobile machines for many years. Now elobau offers you with the configurable, multi-functional armrest 225MA midi the chance to profit from our long-standing know-how in the areas of functionality, ergonomics and design.

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Always in control: the operating system that adapts to your machine

Joysticks & hand throttle module

  • 1Heavy duty joystick and multifunction handle

    The heavy duty joystick is available with various mechanical modules. Whether you choose no-detent / detent, with friction brake, and whether single or dual-axis – with this joystick you can optimally perform all of your machine functions.

    The ergonomic design of the joystick handle is specially shaped for the right hand to enable fatigue-free operation. The push buttons and thumbwheel switches are provided with night illumination. The buttons are available in various colours and with different symbols; and the thumbwheel switches also come in a range of colours. This ensures efficient and reliable operation of all machine functions.

    A capacitive presence detection system to prevent unintentional actuation is also optionally available with this joystick. The two channel design of the analogue signals, combined with the Namur wiring of the push buttons, means safety level AgPL c is achieved. The installed electronics are extremely durable, thanks to the Hall sensor technology used for the joysticks, thumbwheel switches and push buttons.

    The combination of heavy duty joystick and multifunction handle is ideally suited for performing driving functions.

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  • 2Compact joystick with new handle

    The newly designed multifunction handle also enables fatigue-free operation and is a unique combination of function and ergonomics.

    It can be configured with up to six push buttons or with four push buttons and one thumbwheel switch, and ensures the precise operation of front-end loader and other hydraulic functions. All the operating elements can of course be individually configured with this joystick as well, and also offers the safety level AgPL c.

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  • 3Hand throttle

    The hand throttle is designed for controlling the engine speed. The inlay in the top cover is available with a choice of symbols for clearly marking the function. Alternatively, three nano push buttons could be installed instead of the hand throttle.

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Operating unit module

  • 1Push buttons

    The push buttons can be assigned to functions such as all-wheel drive or differential lock as required. Thanks to Hall sensor technology, the push buttons are extremely durable.

    The button inlays are available in various colours and with abrasion-resistant, backprinted symbols as well as with function and night illumination.

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  • 2Encoders

    The encoder push button module is ideally suited for navigating the display control menu.

  • 3PTOs

    Power take-off push button for safely switching the PTO shaft on and off.

    The PTO shaft can only be switched on by intentionally unlocking the push button. It is available with function and night illumination as well as with clear, standard-conforming symbols.

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  • 4Fingertip joysticks

    The fingertip joysticks have been designed with angled actuators and a soft touch finger rest for maximum operating comfort and user-friendliness.

    The actuator caps are colour codeable and with a choice of symbols to clearly indicate function. The fingertip joysticks are ideal for operating hydraulic controlling devices.

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  • 5Flat operating unit module

    The modular design of the armrest allows the use of a wide range of module inserts.

    For example, an alternative, flat module insert with four additional shafts for push-button modules can be used instead of the four fingertip joysticks.

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Armrest & storage compartment module 1 2

Armrest & storage compartment module

  • 1Armrest

    The armrest is padded for the comfort of the operator, but as it is covered with organically produced high quality apple leather, it is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is as durable and hard wearing as chemically produced cover materials, but is also free of harmful plasticisers.

  • 2Storage compartment under the armrest

    The storage compartment contains even more operating elements for additional functions.

    Up to four additional push buttons and up to three additional potentiometers are available as well as a USB socket for charging smartphones. The rear end of the storage compartment is provided with a cable opening to allow a smartphone to be positioned in a holder in the operator’s field of view and charged simultaneously.

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Hitchwheel & potentiometer module

  • 1Hitchwheel

    The hitchwheel is used, e.g., to adjust the working depth of the rear hydraulics (electronic lift control) or similar functions. The inlays are available for clear labelling of the functions with standardised symbols.

  • 2Hitchwheel potentiometer

    An additional potentiometer can be used, e.g., for the position and tension control of attachments, such as a plough.


Connection field module

  • 1Connector connection

    Convenient and direct connection via connectors integrated in the housing. The signals of all operating elements are collected as standard on the motherboard in the armrest and are communicated to the outside via CAN bus using a 6-pole Tyco Junior Power Timer.

    The armrest can be equipped with two additional connectors of the same type. These are a 12-pole and a 15-pole connector. Output signals, such as the driving function or the PTO function, can then optionally be wired directly to the outside.

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Technical drawing

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Article characteristics

  • Electrical data
  • 225MA...
  • Electrical data
  • Polarity reversal protection
  • EMC immunity (Norm)
  • EMC emission (Norm)
  • Operating voltage min.
  • Operating voltage max.
  • Current consumption
  • Short-circuit resistance to GND
  • Short-circuit resistance to supply
  • Fieldbus system
  • Protocol
  • Node ID / Source Address
  • Transmitting cycle
  • Bus terminating resistor
  • Baud rate
Polarity reversal protection yes
EMC immunity (Norm) EN ISO 14982:2009
EMC emission (Norm) EN ISO 14982:2009
Operating voltage min. 9 V DC
Operating voltage max. 33 V DC
Current consumption 5000 mA
Short-circuit resistance to GND yes
Short-circuit resistance to supply no
Fieldbus system CAN
Protocol J1939
Node ID / Source Address Variable/adjustable
Transmitting cycle Variable/adjustable ms
Bus terminating resistor no
Baud rate 250
500 kBaud
  • Properties
  • 225MA...
  • Properties
  • Housing colour
Housing colour Upper shell Black grey RAL7021, lower shell Mouse grey RAL7005
  • Environmental conditions
  • 225MA...
  • Environmental conditions
  • Protection class, mechanical
  • Protection class, electronic
  • Operating temperature min.
  • Max. operating temperature
  • Min. storage temperature
  • Max. storage temperature
Protection class, mechanical IP44 ISO 20653
Protection class, electronic IP53 ISO 20653
Operating temperature min. -25 °C
Max. operating temperature 85 °C
Min. storage temperature -40 °C
Max. storage temperature 85 °C
  • Installation
  • 225MA...
  • Installation
  • Mounting type
  • Thread
Mounting type screwed
Thread M6
  • Connection
  • 225MA...
  • Connection
  • Connector type
Connector type AMP Junior Power Timer
Product flyer MA225 midi Modular Armrest pdf 1.36 MB
Manual 225MA midi Modular Armrest pdf 2.58 MB
CAN J1939 Protocol - Midi armrest 225MA pdf 1.30 MB

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