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Operator controls


35 Products in the category Operator controls

Fingertip Joystick J3

Fingertip Joystick J3

  • CAN capable
  • bottom mount
JFT Fingertip Joystick

Fingertip joystick JFT

  • ergonomic
  • top mount
J7 Multiaxialer Joystick

Robust joystick J7

  • bottom mount
J1 Multiaxialer Joystick

Mini joystick J1

  • optional z-axis
  • top or bottom mount
Multiaxialer Joystick J2

Compact joystick J2

  • up to 3 push button switches
  • bottom mount
J4 Joystick elobau Bedienelement

Heavy duty joystick J4 base

  • robust
  • top mount
J4F Robust Joystick

Heavy duty joystick J4F

  • with safety electronics
  • top mount
Robust Joystick J5 Basis

Heavy duty joystick J5 base

  • robust
  • bottom mount

Heavy duty joystick J6 base

  • compact
  • top mount
Multifunktionsgriff 341G

Joystick grips 341G…/342G…

  • 341G... right handed
  • 342G... left handed
  • ergonomic
Multifunktionsgriff 351G

Joystick grip 351G…

  • ambidextrous
  • straight grip
Multifunktionsgriff 361G

Joystick grip 361G…/362G…

  • 361G... right handed
  • 362G... left handed
  • 362G... left handed

225MA midi modular armrest

    Lenkstockschalter 151LSS

    Steering column switch 151LSS…

    • rotatable grip
    Hebelschalter 351RHS

    Lever switch 351RHS

    • heavy duty detent or no
    • detent
    Universalschalter 151U

    Universal switch 151U…A

    • with two switching levels
    Universalschalter 151U

    Universal switch 151U…B

    • with three switching levels
    Universalschalter 151

    Universal switch shuttle lever 151SL…

    • with flat handle
    Taster 145AB

    Push button switch 145…AB

    • AMP Superseal connector
    • M30 thread
    Taster 145…AE

    Push button switch 145…AE

    • Deutsch connector
    • M30 thread
    Microtaster 145MR

    Microtaster 145MTR/MTG

    • night / function illumination
    • With snap-in mounting
    145NTG Nanotaster

    Nano push button switch 145 NT

    • With M12 thread
    Power Take Off Taster 151PTO

    Power take off switch 151PTO

    • illumination
    • intuitive handling

    Power take off switch 145PTO

    • with cable outlet
    • M30 thread
    Wipptaster 145DW

    Rocker switch 145DW4.A

    • Superseal connector
    • 3-pole
    Microtaster 145MD4

    Double push button switch 145MD

    • Superseal connector
    • 3-pole
    Daumenrad 175D

    Thumbwheel 175D

    • illuminated
    • ergonomic
    Daumenrad 151DT01

    Thumbwheel 151DT01

    • compact
    • robust

    Hand throttle 351H008

    • 351H008
    • Deutsch connector
    L2 Molex Mini-Fit Stecker

    Molex Mini-Fit L2.D00.A

    • Suitable for elobau standard joysticks
    • Number of connection poles selectable
    l1fd-perspective (1) Kopie

    Deutsch connector L1FD.0.B DT 6-pole

    • Suitable for J4 CAN joysticks and CAN module 351CM007
    • Suitable for outdoor use, IP67

    Superseal connector L0.C00.B01

    • Suitable for elobau standard joysticks with CAN output
    • Suitable for outdoor use, IP67

    Molex Micro-Fit L2PK00.A

    • Suitable for J1 Joystick
    • Available in different lengths

    Mate-N-Lock L4.D00.A

    • Suitable for elobau multifunction handles
    • Suitable for outdoor use, IP54
    351CM CAN Adapter

    CAN Module

    • Housing made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic

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