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eloProg 485 EPB

Configurable safety systems

The configurable safety systems from elobau offer the following range of functions:

  • Monitoring of 4 to 128 safety functions ranging from low to high levels of complexity
  • Bus connection via fieldbus modules to Ethernet IP, EtherCat, Profibus DP, Profinet, Device Net, CANopen
  • eloProg and eloFlex offer flexible configuration options via an intuitive software programme
  • Modular design offers a cost-effective solution
  • Online diagnosis for reduction of downtimes
  • Simplified installation through plug-in and codable connection terminals

eloProg can be configured by the customer via software and can be expanded with numerous additional modules.

eloFlex is configured during the ordering process.

471M41 configurable by the customer via DIP switches.

Speed monitor Standstill or zero speed monitor

15 Products in the category Configurable safety systems

eloProg 485 EPB

eloProg base module 485EPB

  • 8 safety inputs and 2 safe, redundant transistor outputs
  • Can be used as stand-alone device
eloProg Ausgangserweiterung 485EPA

eloProg input expansion 485EPE

  • Up to 8 test outputs for sensor monitoring
  • Up to 8 test outputs for sensor monitoring
eloProg Ausgangserweiterung 485EPA

eloProg output expansion 485EPA

  • Up to 4 safe, redundant transistor outputs
  • Diagnostics via up to 4 configurable control outputs and LEDs
Sicherheitsrelais 485EP

eloProg relay modules 485EPR

  • Up to 4 safe, redundant relay outputs (NO contacts)
  • Diagnostics via up to 4 configurable control outputs and LEDs
eloProg Drehzahlüberwachungsmodule 485EPS

eloProg rotational speed modules 485EPS

  • Various modules for the connection of 1 or 2 HTL, TTL or sine/cosine encoders
485EPE08A02 eloProg Ein-/Ausgangsmodul

eloProg input/output module 485EPE08A02

  • 8 safety inputs and 2 safe, redundant transistor outputs

eloProg signal output modules 485EPA00S

    Feldbusmodule eloProg 485

    eloProg fieldbus modules

    • All common fieldbus protocols are available
    485EPT1 eloProg Bustransfermodul

    eloProg 485 EPT bus transfer modules

    • Decentralised positioning of the eloProg I/O modules is achieved through bus transfer modules.
    eloProg Speicherstick 350 EPe

    eloProg memory card 350EPS

    • Simple data transmission
    • Without PC

    eloProg T-connector

    • 5-way high-speed bus
    • Thanks to plug connections, no wiring necessary

    eloProg USB cable 350EPU

    • For connecting the base module to a PC
    Konfigurierbare Auswerteeinheit 471M41H31

    eloFlex 471EFR…

    • Up to 4 safety functions
    470RE412 Schnittstelle Ausgangserweiterung

    eloFlex Mini 470EFR…

    • Up to 2 safety functions
    Stillstandswächter 480

    Speed monitor 480041H

    • Safe monitoring of movement
    • Independent of interface



    eloFlex configurator

    Configure online


    eloFlex Mini configurator

    Configure online

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