Fingertip joystick JFT

Fingertip joystick JFT

Technical specifications

  • Simple “on top” installation in control panels
  • Parallel arrangement is possible in the smallest of installation spaces
  • Angled actuator with soft-touch
    finger rest for ergonomic operation
  • Colour-coded actuator cap and
    customised symbol imprint
  • High reliability and long service life thanks to
    contactless, shielded Hall-effect technology

The compact design of the Fingertip joystick JFT makes it ideal for use in control panels and armrests. The areas of application range from industrial trucks, agricultural and construction machinery to countless industry applications.

Technical drawing

Full screen
Full screen

Article characteristics

  • Attribute
  • JFT...
  • Attribute
  • Polarity reversal protection
  • Output signal min.
  • Output signal max.
  • Output signal
  • Output signal - centre position/zero position
  • EMC immunity (Norm)
  • EMC emission (Norm)
  • Operating voltage min.
  • Operating voltage max.
  • Current consumption
  • Load resistance min.
  • Short-circuit resistance to GND
  • Short-circuit resistance to supply
  • Technology
Attribute JFT...
Polarity reversal protection yes
Output signal min. 0.5 V DC
Output signal max. 4.5 V DC
Output signal analogue
Output signal - centre position/zero position 2.5 V DC
EMC immunity (Norm) DIN EN 12895, DIN EN 13309, DIN EN ISO 14982, ISO 13766
EMC emission (Norm) DIN EN 12895, DIN EN 13309, DIN EN ISO 14982, ISO 13766
Operating voltage min. 4.5 V DC
Operating voltage max. 5.5 V DC
Current consumption max. 15 mA
Load resistance min. 20000 Ohm
Short-circuit resistance to GND yes
Short-circuit resistance to supply yes
Technology Hall
  • Attribute
  • JFT...
  • Attribute
  • Max. lever load with specified lever length
  • Deflection
  • Actuation type
  • Service life, mechanical (Cycles)
Attribute JFT...
Max. lever load with specified lever length bei 35 mm 200 N
Deflection ± 30 °
Actuation type single axis
Service life, mechanical (Cycles) rastend 4 Mio. / tastend 5 Mio.
  • Attribute
  • JFT...
  • Attribute
  • Housing material
  • Shaft material
Attribute JFT...
Housing material PBT + ASA / PA12
Shaft material GRIVORY GVX-5H
  • Attribute
  • JFT...
  • Attribute
  • Protection class, electronic
  • Operating temperature min.
  • Max. operating temperature
  • Min. storage temperature
  • Max. storage temperature
Attribute JFT...
Protection class, electronic IP69K DIN EN 60529
Operating temperature min. -40 °C
Max. operating temperature 85 °C
Min. storage temperature -40 °C
Max. storage temperature 105 °C
  • Attribute
  • JFT...
  • Attribute
  • Installation
  • Mounting type
Attribute JFT...
Installation from above
Mounting type screwed from below
  • Attribute
  • JFT...
  • Attribute
  • Connector type
  • Cable type
  • Cable length
Attribute JFT...
Connector type Mini-Fit Jr.
Cable type Lify-t
Cable length 0.3 m
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