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Quality work – Head of HR Norbert Christlbauer answers frequently asked questions

What makes elobau an attractive employer for potential employees?

elobau is an attractive employer for potential employees for a wide variety of reasons. In my opinion, the main reason is the lived corporate culture, where people are put in focus. Our new employees are often amazed at the appreciation and openness at work here. A further aspect is that our new colleagues are assigned responsibility very quickly and allowed to work independently after starting at elobau.

What distinguishes the innovative work culture at elobau?

elobau offers employees numerous opportunities to actively partake in shaping the company. A good example of this is our “eloLohn” project, where production employees have developed their own remuneration model. The basic idea behind it is simple: it is our employees themselves who have the most knowledge in their respective area. So the best ideas stem from them, and not external consultants. We give all parties involved vast liberties for this reason. This project also reflects our lived motto “For one another. With one another”. For the participants it is practical work on behest of the corporate culture and at the same time a big step in their personal development. We have already implemented similar projects in the areas of health promotion as well as training and further education. Our objective is not to dictate guidelines from the top down, but rather to shape the best possible conditions together with the workforce.

What is the orientation program like for new employees?

We use a structured orientation plan. At the start, every new employee is assigned a mentor to assist them. It is important to us that new colleagues understand and experience our culture. Which is also why we introduced our “GF-Talk” some time ago, which is an exchange with our company owner Michael Hetzer. The participants learn first-hand about the vision, the mission and the personal expectations on the elobau corporate culture. It is also a great opportunity to hold discussions.

What kinds of skills are particularly in demand?

As a sensor manufacturer, we have an ongoing need for engineers, technicians and experts from the areas of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and plastics technology. In broader terms, we are looking for people who enjoy taking responsibility and who like to actively co-create.

What opportunities for development does elobau offer?

We want to offer our employees adequate development opportunities. This may take place via interesting professional projects, demanding tasks and topics. We promote internal exchange, and our goal is to recruit the vast majority of managers from our ranks. Professional and personal offerings for further development are a matter of course and are in part covered by the internal further training program.

What working time models does elobau offer?

The guiding principle “People in focus” is a clear call to action, especially for us in human resources. If a person has a specific concern, we will address it. In principle, we mainly use the flexitime model in our company. If individual models are needed, we offer solutions with which the private and the company’s interests are easily reconciled. Of course there are limitations, because at the end of the day our goal is to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. In the spirit of “For one another. With one another”, I think it should be a level give and take.

What makes elobau an outstanding employer?

87% of our employees recommend us as an employer, according to the Great Place to Work® 2017 study. And not for the first time. For one, it is the innumerous and above-average offerings and perks that make elobau an outstanding employer. Some examples that come to mind are the child care offered during the summer holidays, social counselling in the company and free organic apples, tea and coffee. On the other hand it is the lived culture, the “For one another. With one another”.


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