Ex switch 6200.0..0 in PA housing

ATEX switch 6200.0..0

Explosion-proof switch 6200.0..0 on reed-contact basis is certified according to ATEX directive 94/9/EC and is used in potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres for position detection. Thanks to the magnetic, contactless actuation, no wear occurs; the hermetically sealed housing helps to prevent the risk of ignition.


  • Protected installation in applications with shocks greater than 4 joules
  • PA housing
  • M18x1 x 55 mm


All explosion-proof switches must always be selected according to the requirements of the place of use. The ATEX versions and cable variants can be specified via the product finder under the "Technical specifications" tab.


You can find type examination certificate BVS 03 ATEX E 126 X under "Downloads". Also observe the operating instructions.


type can be installed in zone

620 0.0 I40

Cat. 1G / Zone 0 (ia)*

Cat. 1D / Zone 20 (ia)

620 0.0 I.012

Cat. 1/2 G / partition wall zone 0/1 (ia)

Cat. 2G / Zone 1 (ia)

Cat. 1D / Zone 20 (ia)

Cat. 2D / Zone 21 (ib)

620 0.0 M.0

Cat. 2G / Zone 1 (mb)

Cat. 2D / Zone 21 (mb)

 * only with shielded cable

6200.0I.012 Product finder
material PA
certificate no. BVS 03 ATEX E 126 X
DC (Ex-m) N.O.: 230/2/60 V/A/W
N.C.: 230/2/60 V/A/W
C.O.: 48/1/20 V/A/W
AC (Ex-m) N.O.: 230/2/60 V/A/VA
N.C.: 230/2/60 V/A/VA
C.O.: 48/1/20 V/A/VA
protection class 529 IP 67
temperature range T5/2D -25+85C
temperature range T6 -25+70C
contact form N.O.
nominal voltage (EX-ia) N.O.: Ui = 60 V UC
N.C.: Ui = 60 V UC
C.O.: Ui = 48 V UC
nominal current (EX-ia) N.O.: li = 2 A
N.C.: li = 2 A
C.O.: li = 1 A
power (EX-ia) N.O.: Pi = 500 mW
N.C.: Pi = 500 mW
C.O.: Pi = 500 mW
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