elobau 1471 Slot Sensor

elobau sensor technology Inc. has developed the new 1471 Slot Sensor. This sensor is a perfect choice for sensing positions, in applications such as floor location vanes on elevators, seats positions in vehicles, park brake lever position, or shifter positions on transmissions.

eloProtectE safety sensor

Highest possible protection against manipulation

Moveable guards such as doors or flaps must be safeguarded according  to the risk and monitored with special sensors.

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NEW modules for eloProg safety system

The eloProg safety system which can be configured via software profits from three new extensions: provider elobau, Leutkirch, is offering additional fieldbus modules as well as a USB interface module in addition to a bus transfer module which facilitates the decentralized positioning of I/O modules.

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New analog level sensor combines individuality and flexibility

Complete flexibility with maximum individuality!

The new generation of analog level sensors with integrated electronics has arrived!


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204 KS Broken Finger Switch


elobau sensor technology Inc. introduces its 204 KS Broken Finger Switch for vehicle and commercial applications. 

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elobau Suction Pipes

elobau sensor technology Inc. introduces suction pipes. These suction pipes are easily configured for your containers or tanks. A customized solution is also available with quick delivery.

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JFT - Single-axis joystick for easy and ergonomic actuation

elobau sensor technology Inc. introduces a single-axis joystick for ease of use and ergonomic actuation. The JFT joystick was developed primarily for installation in the armrests of off-highway vehicles.

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J7 - Ergonomic joystick for parallel arrangement in the tightest installation spaces


elobau sensor technology Inc. introduces an ergonomic single axis joystick, the series J7. The J7 joystick was developed primarily for installation in the armrests of off-highway vehicles.

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elobau sensor technology Inc. introduces its online configurator, a unique method for engineers to configure and select the ideal safety system from our broad line of control unit offerings. 

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Achieve Performance Level d

With the new elobau interface, performance level "d" in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 is still achieved when safety sensors are connected in series

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expansion of existing plant No. 2

A building that produces more energy than it needs – It was with this vision in mind that sensor manufacturer elobau of Leutkirch in the Allgäu region approached the expansion of existing plant No. 2.

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Elobau Sensor Technology Inc. announces that it now has a complete line of e-stop switches for the automation and specialty machine market.

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eloProg safety PLC


elobau sensor technology Inc. announces our new programmable safety controller, eloProg, for the machine safety market.

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Safety monitoring relay and sensor in one compact solution


elobau extends the application possibilities of the compact systems 171 K1 B1, which have successfully been established on the market, with the new compact unit 171 K4 B1. 

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elobau sensor technology Inc. introduces its all new J1 mini-joystick for vehicle and industrial applications.

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J6 joystick from elobau

     elobau sensor technology Inc. introduces the new J6 line of industrial joysticks, designed for use on various vehicles and equipment, including all types of machinery, scissor lifts, aerial platforms, cranes, forklifts, construction, oil & gas, forestry, agricultural and other materials handling devices.  Compatible multi-function levers are available with up to three pushbuttons. 

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Zero-speed monitor from elobau Sensor Technology Inc.


elobau Sensor Technology Inc. announces our new zero-speed monitor for the machine safety market.

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Flexible evaluation in machine safety circuits

Flexible evaluation electronics, means being able to be adapted to any kind of safety sensor system. This is exactly what the new eloFlex from the Allgäu-based sensor specialist elobau...

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Lift With The Shift - IVT 2010

The increasing use of electronic control units in industrial vehicles has spurred the development of...

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elobau is expanding its machine safety program

As the inventor of the magnetically actuated safety sensors, elobau are expanding their machine safety program this year. The product...

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A New Range of Highly Modular Joystick Grips

elobau sensortechnology introduces its 361G range of grips for various vehicles and industrial applications. This new grip was...

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