NEW: Ultrasonic fuel level sensor

Contactless and Wear-free level measurement in the vehicle tank


The new 2UF ultrasonic fuel level sensor from elobau allows contactless and wear-free monitoring of fluid levels in the vehicle tanks of agricultural and construction machinery.



elobau is expanding its level measurement product line in the area of fuel level sensors for off-highway vehicles with a fuel level sensor with analogue output signal based on ultrasonic technology.



Measurement principle: contactles and wear-free



The ultrasonic pulses are generated and emitted in the head of the sensor. These are reflected by the surface of the fluid and returned back to the sensor. By continuous measurement of the ultrasonic pulse the current fluid level is calculated and output as a current or voltage signal.


The ultrasonic fuel level sensor was specially developed for use in diesel and biodiesel, and thanks to the high reliability and long service life gained from the contactless and wear-free technology, is the ideal choice for agricultural and construction machinery.


The contactless measurement principle prevents continuous contact with the medium to be measured. Nevertheless, the sensor is designed for long-lasting resistance to diesel fuels, especially biodiesel.



The sensor measures the surface of the fuel with a resolution of up to one millimetre over a New: ultrasonic fuel level sensormeasurement range of up to 1.2 m. It has been designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C.


The corresponding temperature drift is removed and adjusted via the electronics integrated in the sensor. Because the medium in the tank is constantly in motion in mobile applications, wave movements or sloshing caused by reflections at the tank wall are eliminated through damping and do not directly affect the measurement result. For special application cases, the individual parameters can be specifically adapted by elobau.


An optional focus tube, made of diesel-resistant material, focuses the ultrasonic waves and stabilises the measurement range if positioned at an incline or if there is sloshing around in the fuel tank. The focus tube also increases the maximum achievable measurement length.


The sensor is connected via a 4-hole flange, and to seal the flange against the tank, elobau have suitable flat seals and O-ring seals available, which thanks to our years of experience in vehicle development, have also been designed for use in diesel and biodiesel.

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