Level measurement

Precise and reliable level detection is essential in a wide range of applications in industry and vehicles. elobau's products for continuous level measurement, level detection, or removal & dosing with integrated level measurement are ideal for your individual requirements.

Continuous level measurement

During continuous level measurement, a signal corresponding to the current fill level is constantly output over the entire measurement range.

Level measurement on reed-contact basis

The float switches output a quasi-analogue output signal via a reed resistance chain. To ensure a high measurement resolution of the fluid level sensor, a quasi-analogue output signal is offered with a reed grid of 5-35 mm. A small grid can be used if necessary to generate a very exact signal. The number of reed switches can be adapted as required to suit the application.

Level detection

Special limit-level float switches provide overfill protection or dry-running protection of pumps.
Float switches side mount and miniature float switches on either the upper or lower end of the container are used to check whether the fill level in the tank exceeds or falls below a critical point.

With additional switching points, between empty warning or overflow warning, the level switches can also be used for control purposes.
The switches can be fully customised for your application. Use our online configurator to check for your specific requirements.

Removal & dosing with integrated level measurement

elobau has fuel level sensors and suction pipes for measuring the fill level, with additional intake and extraction pipes. This has the advantage of only one opening being necessary in the container and no other additional instruments are needed for filling or removing.
The fuel level sensors can be used in vehicles and industrial applications for conveniently removing and monitoring the fluid from canisters or other containers. Dry running of pumps is then easily prevented and reliability is ensured.


The digital and analogue indicators are used to visually indicate the current fluid level. You can also find the matching cable sets here.

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