elobau - Sensoren für die Füllstandsmessung und Maschinensicherheit

elobau supplies noted companies worldwide with contactless sensory technology and is among the top international suppliers. In addition to a comprehensive and constantly-growing standard range of products, we develop and produce customized solutions for various industry applications and for the automotive engineering sector. Among the extensive product line are components and systems for commercial vehicles, machine safety and level measurement.

The safety sensors, safety relays, joysticks and joystick grips, push button switches, tilt switchesangle sensors and float level sensors are manufactured at elobau's facilities in Germany. With a total of around 30 subsidiaries and distribution partners worldwide, elobau guarantees the customer a high degree of flexibility and speed in the processing of orders as well as comprehensive service.

The components of elobau's product range can be organized in four main fields of business:
Operator controlsMachine safetyLevel measurement | Sensors.

Profit from our flexibility in development and reliability in production. Why? Because flexibility, customer orientation, quality, speed and service effect the way we think and act, both today and in the future.