Heavy duty joystick for armrests in mobile machinery.

Robust joystick J7

Robust, bottom mounted.


Robust joystick J7 was developed primarily for installation in the armrests of mobile machinery. The design combines a high level of robustness, safety and reliability in a compact space. It is ideally suited for high load and high use applications.



Product characteristics:

  • Developed for adverse environmental conditions, IP67 protection class (electronics)
  • For forces up to 1000 N in x and y direction
  • Space-saving design allows ergonomic arrangement in armrests
  • High reliability thanks to shielded, contactless Hall technology
  • Friction brake, overpressure points and no-detent actuation enables the operation of various functions
  • Enables the design of hydraulic-free cabins
  • Maintenance free
operating voltage 4,5 - 5,5 V DC
output signal 0,5 - 4,5 V DC
current consumption 15 mA per channel
load resistance > 20 kΩ
centre position 2,5 V ± 0,2 V
resolution < 0,025°
reverse connection protected yes
Short-circuit protected against +UB max. yes
Short-circuit protected against GND yes
EMC standards DIN EN ISO 14982: 2009 Agricultural and forestry machines
DIN EN 13309: 2010 Construction machinery
ISO 13766: 2000 Earth-moving machinery
Protocol -
baudrate -
Node ID -
cycle time -
terminating resistor -
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