eloProg 485 EPT. bus transfer modules

Decentralised positioning of the eloProg I/O modules is achieved through the 485 EPT bus transfer modules.
The 485 EPT1 module is for use at the beginning and end of the connection; and type 485 EPT2 is for the middle.
Up to six eloProg module stations can be connected, achieving with a maximum bus length of 250 m.

+ decentral positioning of eloProg I/O modules
+ simple connection by means of screw terminals
+ low wiring effort and expense due to bus connection
+ bus cable length of up to 250?m
+ up to six module stations
+ bus transfer modules do not count as expansion modules

485EPT1 Product inquiry
operating voltage 24 V DC ±20%
temperature range -10…+55°C
connection terminal 0,5 - 2,5 mm2
safety characteristics SIL CL: 3 / PL: e / cat.: 4
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