Ultrasonic fuel level sensor for vehicle tanks

Ultrasonic fuel level sensor 2UF

With flange, high temperature range

This ultrasonic fuel level sensor with a 4-hole flange is frequently used to monitor diesel fuel in agricultural and construction machinery. The 2UF is easily installed thanks to the compact design and 3-pole Superseal plug. The ultrasonic 2UF level sensor is also ideal for monitoring fuel levels in stationary vehicles.

The ultrasonic fuel level sensor offers a cost-effective solution as it can be used in tanks of varying sizes. Measurement results can be affected by sloshing" or inclined positions, these can be reduced by the use of a specially designed diesel-resistant focus tube.

  • Ultrasonic level measurement
  • Installation with 4-hole flange
  • 1.5 3-pole Superseal connector
  • Pipe length up to 1200 mm
  • Material: PA (sensor head), PA (focus tube)
  • Analogue output signal
  • Current or voltage output available
  • Highest measurement resolution up to 1 mm
  • Temperature range from -40C to +105C
  • IP67 and IPX9K protection class
with focus tube
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Measurement range from sealing surface 85 mm to 1,200 mm
Blind zone from sealing surface 85 mm
output signal 4 mA20 mA, 0.5 V...4.5 V
operating voltage 836 V
resolution Approx. 1 mm
repeating accuracy 2 mm
temperature range -40C+105C
protection class IP 67
material Housing: PA12, Focus tube: PA6 Akulon FL
connection AMP Superseal, 1.5 3-pin
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