Tilt sensor or inclinometer N4, dual-axis

Tilt sensor N4

Dual-axis tilt sensor N4 is used for measuring the slope of lifting platforms or for monitoring the fork tilt on telescopic ladders.


  • Long service life and reliability thanks to the mechanics-free MEMS technology
  • The analogue output signals can be combined with additional switching points
  • Tilt range up to ±60°
  • Protection class of IP67
  • Temperature resistant from -40°C to +70°C
  • Current or voltage output, or switching output via relay
  • Depending on the angle, resolution up to ? 0.04°
  • Practical adjustment of the neutral position through remote control
  • With versions with switching output, switch-on and switch-off delay selectable
N4.A... Product inquiry
output analogue
angular range 5 60
operating voltage 1030 VDC
operating current typ. 32 mA
output signal Uout X = 0,5 V4,5 V, lout = 4 mA20 mA
load resistance (RL) Uout = min. 10 kΩ (Ri = 100 Ω), lout = UB > 15 V max. 500 Ω, UB < 15 V max. 200 Ω
switching voltage
switching current
delay time
switching points
zero justification max. 5
resolution angular range ≤ 25: ≤ 0,04, angular range > 25: ≤ 0,14
linearity error typ. 1% of the angular range
repeating accuracy angular range ≤ 25: 0,2, angular range > 25: 0,5
offset temperature drift 0,25 % (voltage output 0,5V ... 4,5V) 1 % (current output 4mA ... 20mA)
vibration filter critical frequency typ. 40 Hz (changeable on customer request)
signal update rate appr. 100 Hz
startup time ≤ 500 ms
housing material top housing: PBT GF35, housing cover: PC
mounting bush 5,3 mm

tolerance details at room temperature 23C. applies to other temperatures: Ubmin = Tamb 0,0344 + 9V
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