Zero-speed monitor from elobau Sensor Technology Inc.


elobau Sensor Technology Inc. announces our new zero-speed monitor for the machine safety market.

The elobau motion detector is designed for monitoring motion to ensure safe setup and operation of a machine but also allows safe access to the machine after the machine has been idle. In typical operation, while the machine is in use, the rotational portion of the machine function is monitored via sensor (pulse) feedback to the zero speed monitor. If the pulse feedback is above a specified (through switch or terminal settings) threshold, the output of the unit will indicate to the safety system that a safe environment does not exist. Once the pulse feedback is below this setting, an output on the unit will change state, indicating a safe rotational condition of the machine.

The zero speed monitor comes in two versions: 0.5-99Hz and 0.1-9.9Hz (TÜV directive) and are both equipped with the following key features: secure "startup override" input for bypassing the monitoring function, two-channel input for sensors for detecting motion, wire-break monitoring, combination of motion sensor with an SPS signal and antivalent outputs for magnetic or spring-force operated locking devices. A status display is achieved using 12 LEDs. This also allows faults (e.g. wire breakage) to be quickly and reliably diagnosed. Any changes detected in the configuration or that trace back to the switch settings originally configured, can also be read using the LEDs.

The zero speed monitor operates on 24VDC (19.2 – 30VDC) with a power consumption of 1.8W. Output switching voltage is 30VDC @ 2A maximum.

elobau is a vertically integrated manufacturer that performs all circuit and cable assembly, plastic molding, assembly and full performance testing at its factories. Thus, modifications to suit virtually all industrial and commercial requirements are achieved quickly and in a cost-effective manner, through the design and engineering talent resident at Elobau. Interested parties should contact Elobau for full details on these and other controls, sensors and machine safety products.


Chris McKnight   
Elobau sensor technology, Inc.
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