A New Range of Highly Modular Joystick Grips

elobau sensortechnology introduces its 361G range of grips for various vehicles and industrial applications. This new grip was designed to provide maximum versatility and modularity. It comes with 2 basic versions, left hand and right hand, and provides as many as 9 different functions. Typical applications might include vehicle controls such as excavators, wheel and backhoe loaders, dozers, skid steer loaders, and other construction, mining and forestry vehicles, as well as agricultural tractors and combines, forklift trucks and other material handling equipment.

Up to three Hall effect thumbwheel controllers and up to 7 push buttons switches can be mounted in a single 361G, and many other configurations are possible, including an auxiliary 4 position analog control installed at the top of the knob. The push-buttons can be Reed switch contacts with backlit illumination, and analog linear Hall effect push buttons with 0.5 to 4.5 V output are also available. The thumbwheel controls use Hall effect technology and can be offered with redundant output signals, as well as LED based backlit and illumination functions.

An optional capacitive presence detection feature is available, and the 361G can be delivered with an integrated CAN module to reduce the number of wires coming out of the grip. Multiple combination of colors are available for the handle and all integrated controls, and elobau can provide custom made symbols laser printed on the push buttons switches to enable a fully customized solution, based on standard parts.

This new grip can be fitted on heavy and medium duty J5 and J6, or other joystick available on the market thanks to a wide range of mechanical interfaces and rubber gaiters.

Interested parties should contact elobau for full details on these and other controls, sensors and machine safety products.

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