Configurable control unit 471M41H31 is used for the safe signal evaluation of safety sensors.

Safety control unit 471M41H31

With Configurable control unit 471M41H31, safety functions such as emergency stop, monitoring of guard doors and two-hand functions can be easily configured and implemented with DIP switches.


  • Delay time can be adjusted for the given safety output
  • 4 safety outputs (2 separate safety circuits each with 2 safety outputs)
  • 4 control outputs for transmitting the switching states
  • SIL 3 / PL e (EN IEC 62061 / EN ISO 13849-1)
  • Codable, screwless terminals (optional double terminals or screw terminals available)
  • LED status display
  • For sensors with 2-N.O. system, input 4 also suitable for N.O./N.C. system
  • Automatic start or manual start via start push button
  • No software needed, can be configured directly on-site with DIP switches.


Up to 32 sensors can be connected via elobau interfaces (363 V98 / 364.97) for input expansion, thereby allowing your safety system to be expanded economically and flexibly.

471M41H31 Product inquiry
contact form N.O./N.O.
operating voltage 24 V DC ±15%
max. current consumption 850 mA
max. switching voltage 30 V AC/DC
max. switching current 3 A
max. switching power 90 VA/W
temperature range 0…+55°C
sensor inputs 4
safety outputs 4
operating time 3 s
operating time 2-hand control unit 0,5 s
switching voltage control output 24 V DC
switching current control output 100 mA
switching power control output 2,4 W
safety characteristics SIL CL: 3 / PL: e / cat.: 4
PFHD 1,70e-8
ETL-approved e
Contact United Kingdom
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