Robust joystick JS

Slim design


The JS single axis joystick is a weight-optimised variant of elobau's J7 joystick that was developed to meet the challenges of future installation situations in mobile machinery.

The use of fibreglass-reinforced polymers makes the JS joystick extremely robust yet very lightweight at only 500 grams.

The weight saving of 40% compared to the J7 supports a slim design and simplifies the design of control panels.



Product characteristics:

  • Developed for adverse environmental conditions, IP67 protection class (electronics)
  • For forces up to 1000 N in x- and y-direction (with 112 mm lever length)
  • Space-saving design allows ergonomic arrangement in armrests
  • High reliability thanks to shielded, contactless Hall technology
  • Friction brake, overpressure points and no-detent actuation enables the operation of various functions

JSA6... Product inquiry
reverse connection protected Yes
Output signal min./max. 0.50...4.50 V DC
output signal Analogue
Output signal - centre position - zero position 2.50 V DC
Output polarity -
Operating voltage min./max. 4.50...5.50 V DC
current consumption Max. 15 mA
Load resistance min. 20000 Ohm
Short-circuit protected against GND Yes
Short-circuit resistance to supply Yes
technology Hall
Protocol -
Node ID / Source Address -
cycle time -
baudrate -
Bus terminating resistor -
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