Joystick grip, CAN-capable, can be equipped with thumbwheels, nano and micro push button switches

Joystick grip 361G.../362G...

Ergonomic actuation for right or left hand users.


The modular design of the ergonomic joystick grip allows it to be flexibly adapted to suit many applications. It offers a cost effective solution, even in low purchase quantities.



Product characteristics:

  • The Joystick grip 361G has been ergonomically designed for right handed operators, and 362G for left handed operators
  • Fully illuminated, night and function illumination options are also available
  • The CAN controller integrated in the handle facilitates a simple bus connection (CANopen / SAE J1939)
  • Additional control functions can be individually configured with up to 3 thumbwheels and up to 10 push button switches
  • The corresponding mounting adapters are available for all standard joysticks
  • Optionally available with capacitive presence detection
  • Handle available with micro push button switches for use outside of the cabin
  • Various colour choices are available for the mounted operator controls



Available CAN protocols:

elobau’s J3 Fingertip joystick is also available as CANopen-capableSAE J1939-capable version of the J3 Fingertip joystick


Select the appropriate elobau joystick base:


361G.... Product finder
temperature range multi function lever -25+85 C
storage temperature multi function lever -40+85 C
weight multi function lever approx. 300 g
switching voltage nano push button switches max. 48 V
switching current nano push button switches max. 0,3 A
switching power nano push button switches max. 5 W/VA
LED nano push button switches depending on series resistor
contact form nano push button switches N.O.
operating voltage thumbwheel 4,5-5,5 VDC
operating current thumbwheel max. 15 mA
output voltage thumbwheel 0,54,5 VDC ratiom./prop.
3 x NPN discrete output
neutral position thumbwheel 2,5 VDC
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