Machine safety Safe condition detection Magnetically actuated safety sensors Safety sensors RFID Safety sensors with built in relay Emergency stop buttons & contact elements Safety interlocks Safe condition detection for potentially explosive gas and dust environments Safety sensors with ATEX approval Safe signal evaluation Configurable safety systems Safety control units / Safety relays I/O modules: Interfaces for input expansion and output expansions Accessories for machine safety Accessories for sensors Certificates, standards, directives, Sistema, links Level measurement Continuous level measurement Float switches Capacitive level measurement Ultrasonic level measurement Level detection Miniature float switches Float switches side mount Bulk material switches Removal & dosing with integrated level measurement Accessories Cable sets Sensors Measuring angles and pitch Tilt sensors Angle sensors Position detection Proximity switches (rectangular) Proximity switches (cylindrical) Pneumatic cylinder switches Vane switches Plunger switches Steel proximity switches Position detection in potentially explosive areas Accessories Actuator Cable sets General information Operator controls Operate & control Joysticks and multi-function handles Steering column switches Push buttons Thumbwheels Accessories Customer-specific products General data
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