Illuminated Thumbwheel 175DT for intuitive operation

Thumbwheel 175DT...

Ergonomic actuation, illuminated.


Illuminated Thumbwheel 175DT is used in the armrests of agricultural machines and off highway vehicles. Thanks to the flat, miniature design, it is also ideally suited for use in various control panels and keypads. Thumbwheel 175DT can be mounted in Joystick grips 361G./362G. and 341G./342G., for the control of operational functions, such as those on wheel loaders.



Product characteristics:

  • Function and night illumination available in up to three different colours
  • Ergonomically adaptable by means of various actuator types
  • Contactless switching function through shielded Hall element
  • IP67 electronics protection class
  • High temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Deflection: ±10° or ±30°, detent or no-detent
  • For wiring and signal form, select between ratiometric analogue, semi-redundant analogue and, for safety-critical applications, redundant analogue
175DT01 Product inquiry
operating voltage 4,5...5,5 V DC
operating current max. 15 mA
outputs 0,5-4,5 V DC / 3x NPN discrete output
Operation no detent
neutral position 2,5 VDC
max. switching voltage 5 VDC
max. switching current 100 mA
load resistance > 20 kΩ
protection class electronics IP 67
Conductor Lify-t 0,1 mm2, Molex Mini-Fit Jr.
mounting hole 21,5 x 18,75 mm
Life > 2 million operating cycles
operating temperature -40C ... +85C
storage temperature -40C ... +85C
operating voltage LED dependent on series resistor
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