Push buttons

elobau push buttons are available with M30 internal thread or as micro push buttons with an external diameter of just 12 mm. The PTO switches perform the power take off function in off highway vehicles. The micro rocker switches and double push button switches enable the operation of two related functions.


  • Select from a wide range of colours
  • Individual, abrasion-resistant symbols
  • Available with various connectors, e.g. NAMUR
  • Available with various types of connectors
  • Long life with tactile behaviour throughout
  • Suitable for outdoor use thanks to IP67 protection class
  • Night and function illumination

Push button Ø 30 mm

The push button switches with M30 internal thread are ideally suited for adverse environmental conditions. The push buttons have been used for years on mudguards and attachment equipment on a range of agricultural machinery.

Push button Ø 12 mm

The 12 mm diameter push buttons are used primarily in joystick handles and control panels. Due to its minimalistic construction, the 145NTG Nano push button switch is ideal for very tight spaces. The 145MT Micro push button is designed for outdoor applications.

Power take off switches (PTO switches)

The 145PTO and 151PTO switches are used for implementing the power take off function in a range of construction machinery and off highway vehicles. The PTO switches are available with various connection types and installation options, and can be customised with various symbols and function illumination.

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