Safety relay 46212.E1.

can optionally be expanded with 32 sensors via input expansion for N.O./N.C. combination


Safety relay 46212.E1. has a space-saving, slim 462 design



Product characteristics:

  • SIL 2 / PL d
  • 4 sensor inputs
  • 1 potentially free relay safety output
  • For sensors with N.O./N.C. combination
  • Space saving due to low installation height
  • Easy installation with screwless terminals
  • LED and control output for simple diagnosis
  • Up to 32 sensors can be connected via elobau input expansions
  • Optionally without operating time for, e.g., slowly closing guard doors (operating time = simultaneity monitoring of the two sensor contacts)


Up to 32 sensors can be connected via an interconnection system. We recommend the use of our interfaces 363 098.

462121E1. Product inquiry
contact form N.O./N.C.
operating voltage 24 V AC/DC 10%
max. current consumption 150 mA
max. switching voltage 250 V AC/30 V DC
max. switching current 3 A
max. switching power 750/90 VA/W
temperature range 0+55C
sensor inputs 4
safety outputs 1
operating time 300 ms
safety characteristics SIL CL: 2 / PL: d / cat.: 3
PFHD 1,50e-9
ETL-approved yes
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