Tilt sensor N5 with CAN-Bus interface, Inclinometer N5 up to 360 angle range

Tilt sensor N5.......

With CAN-Bus interface, measurement up to 360°


The tilt sensor with CAN-Bus interface can be used, thanks to its robust design, for measuring the slope of lifting platforms or for monitoring the fork tilt on telescopic ladders.



  • Long service life and reliability thanks to the mechanics-free MEMS technology
  • Measuring range: single axis 360° or dual axis 180°
  • Up to 4 additional configurable switching points
  • Selectable On-/Off delay per switching point
  • Neutral position adjustment via CAN-Bus
  • Protection class of IP67
  • Temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Deutsch connector or M12 connector
  • Compact, flat and robust housing design


Available CAN protocols:

elobau’s J3 Fingertip joystick is also available as CANopen-capableSAE J1939-capable version of the J3 Fingertip joystick


N5 Product inquiry
operating voltage +9 ... +32 V DC
reverse connection protected - 32 V DC
current consumption < 100 mA
CAN ISO 11898, CAN specification 2.0B
terminating resistor No
Protocol CANopen | SAE J1939
baudrate 250 kBits/s
angular range single axis 360 | dual axis180
contact form 2x relays N.C. contact
switching voltage max. 48 V
switching current max. 1 A
switching power max. 30 W / VA
EMC standards construction machines DIN EN 13309
agriculture - and forestry machines DIN EN ISO 14982
earthmoving machines ISO 13766
temperature range -40 C bis +85 C
storage temperature -40 C bis +85 C
protection class IP67 (DIN EN 60529)
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