Very small proximity switch, cylindrical proximity switch 128…. in cylindrical design with brass housing

Magnetic proximity switch 128…

  • Small housing with external thread and fastening nuts for simple and space-saving mounting
  • M10 x 1 x 48 mm
  • PVC cable
  • Robust brass housing
  • Variant with high switching voltage (up to 250 V) available


Other variants or adaptations of

cylindrical proximity switch 128… on request via the contact form or via "Product inquiry" on the "Technical specifications" tab.



To ensure protection against accidental contact, the metallic parts of the housing are to be connected to the protective conductor system for operating voltages greater than 48 V (VDE 0100, [DIN EN 61140, VDE 0140-1]).

128210 Product inquiry
switching voltage max. 48 V
switching current max. 0,5 A
switching power max. 10/10 W/VA
contact form N.O.
protection class IP 67
temperature range -25…+75°C
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