Joystick grip with micro push button switches also available with LED illumination

Joystick grip 351G...

Straight handle shape allows ambidextrous operation.


Joystick grip 351G... has an ergonomic, robust design and is equipped with micro push button switches for function control. The Joystick grip 351G... can be equipped with function illumination by means of LED, activation button and thumbwheels as required. Micro push buttons are available in various colours.



Product characteristics:

  • Available with up to 8 push button switches
  • Alternatively available with linear analogue push button switches or thumbwheels
  • Illuminated push button switches available if required
  • Optionally available with activation push button switch on the rear of the handle
  • Up to two additional LEDs are optional on front
  • Various colour choices are available for the actuator covers
  • Ergonomic operation with either right or left hand
  • Specific labels on request


Select the appropriate elobau joystick base:

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switching voltage max. 48 V
switching current max. 0,5 A
switching power max. 10 W/VA
contact form N.O.
total button stroke 2,5 mm
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