Very small proximity switch, cylindrical proximity switch 124…. in cylindrical design, brass housing

Magnetic proximity switch 125…

  • Extremely small and robust brass housing
  • Variant with high switching voltage (up to 250 V) available
  • Ø6 x 42 mm
  • PVC cable


Other variants or adaptations of

cylindrical proximity switch 125… on request via the contact form or via "Product inquiry" on the "Technical specifications" tab.





*To ensure protection against accidental contact, the metallic parts of the housing are to be connected to the protective conductor system for operating voltages greater than 48 V (VDE 0100, [DIN EN 61140, VDE 0140-1]).

125210 Product inquiry
switching voltage max. 48 V
switching current max. 0,5 A
switching power max. 10/10 W/VA
contact form N.O.
protection class IP 67
temperature range -25…+75°C
material brass
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