Micro push button switch 145MR/MG with function illumination

Micro push button switch 145MR/MG

With night and function illumination.


Micro push button switch 145MR/MG with function and night illumination is equipped with either practical snap-in mounting or M12 thread with locknut. This Micro push button switch is designed for applications in which only low currents flow and a mechanical switch cannot therefore be used. Micro push button switch 145MR/MG, with the two-colour illumination function, is ideally suited for use in the automotive engineering sector, e.g. in joystick handles or armrests. The switching element, which is completely separated from the mechanics, resists dust, dirt and moisture, thanks to its IP67 protection class.



Product characteristics:

  • 2 illumination colours can be controlled
  • Long service life thanks to the magnetic actuation principle
  • Available with various button colours and symbols to suit the application
  • Wear-free reed contacts for low switching currents
  • 2.5mm button stroke
  • IP67 protection class for harsh operating conditions
  • Optionally available with NAMUR wiring
  • Can be connected with various common connectors e.g, Molex or AMP
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switching voltage 16 V AC/DC
switching current max. 0,1 A
switching power max. 1 W/VA
UB LED max 24 V conditional to series resistor
contact form N.O.
total button stroke 2,5 mm
temperature range -20...+85°C
protection class Electronic IP 67
Mechanism IP 65
mounting snap-in
Torque 1,5 Nm
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