eloProg relay modules

eloProg relay modules


The relay ouput modules have up to 4 force-guided NO relay contacts. They have been designed to handle 6A and 240V AC. In addition, there are 8 electronic control outputs available for diagnostic purposes with type 485EPR04S08B.


485EPR02 and 485EPR04

  • 2/4 NO relay outputs, 1/2 NC relay outputs, max. 240V AC, max. 6A
  • 1 EDM output (external device monitoring) for feedback to the base module
  • connection to base module via connection terminals (no T-connector necessary)


485EPR04S00B and 485EPR04S08B

  • 4 NO relay outputs, max. 240V AC, max. 6A,
  • 4 EDM inputs (external device monitoring)
  • 8 semiconductor control outputs, 100mA (485EPR04S08B only)
  • Connection to the base module via 350EPT T-connector


485EPR02 Product inquiry
relay outputs 2
control outputs
operating voltage 24 V DC 20%
temperature range -10+55C
connection terminal 0,5 - 2,5 mm2
safety characteristics SIL CL: 3 / PL: e / cat.: 4
B10d AC15 230V I=3A: 300.000
AC15 230V I=1A: 750.000
DC13 24V I<=2A: 10.000.000
Connection to base module connection terminal
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