eloFlex Mini 470EFR

eloFlex Mini 470EFR... is a configurable safety relay with 2 independent safety inputs (2-channel) and 2 safety outputs (2-channel) as well as 1 control output. The internal logic link is configured specifically for each customer.


  • Up to 2 safety functions can be implemented in one device
  • The number of safety outputs (relays) can be set according to the individual requirement, making this a cost-effective solution.
  • Increased functionality using less space in the switch cabinet.
  • The units are tamper-proof as are pre-configured during ordering.
  • Economical and reliable by unique identification of configuration for maintenance, commissioning and service
  • Can be perfectly adapted to your application through various configuration options, offering maximum flexibility.
  • Up to 20 sensors can be connected via elobau interfaces for input expansion.


The following logic and

safety functions are available:


Logic link:

Safety functions:

OR Safetyfunction
XOR 2-hand
NAND Safetygate
NOR E-stop
NOT or N.O./N.C.



470EFR2D.. Product inquiry
operating voltage 24 V DC 10%
max. current consumption 200 mA
max. switching voltage 250 V AC/30 V DC
max. switching current 3 A
max. switching power 750/90 VA/W
temperature range 0+55C
safety inputs 2
safety outputs 2
operating time 3 sec.
operating time 2-hand control unit 0,5 sec.
connection terminal 0,2 - 2,5 mm2
safety characteristics SIL CL: 2 / PL: d / cat.: 3
PFHD 7,42 e-8 (1/h)
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