Mini float switch 2094118001 is made of stainless steel

Miniature float switch 2094118001

With G 1/4" thread, for mounting from the inside, made of stainless steel


Miniature float switch 2094118001 was developed for tough operating conditions and for monitoring aggressive fluids.
Thanks to the side mounting, the miniature float switch requires minimal installation space. It is therefore ideal for use in extremely tight spaces.
At elobau, you set the standard. The miniature float switch can be fully customised using our online configurator.

  • Level measurement on reed-contact basis
  • Mounting thread G 1/4"
  • The use of lock nut enables installation in through-holes.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Switching voltage max. 48 V
  • Contact form: N.O.
  • One switching point as standard
  • Temperature range from -25 °C to +100 °C
  • IP67 protection class
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switching voltage max. 48 V
switching current max. 0,5 A
switching power max. 10 W / 10 VA
protection class IP 67
log nut optional
mounting form vertical 30
contact form N.O.
switching point rising
material Stainless steel
temperature range -25+100C
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