Mini float switch 20341109-1 made of stainless steel

Miniature float switch 20341109-1

With G 1/8" thread for mounting from the inside


Miniature float switch 20341109-1 is made of stainless steel and was developed for use in aggressive media, such as acids, and high temperature ranges (up to +160 °C).
At elobau, you set the standard. The miniature float switch can be fully customised using our online configurator.

  • Level measurement on reed-contact basis
  • Mounting thread G 1/8"
  • The use of lock nut enables installation in through-holes.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Switching voltage max. 250 V
  • Contact form: N.O.
  • One switching point as standard
  • Temperature range from -25 °C to +160 °C
  • IP67 protection class
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switching voltage max. 250 V
switching current max. 0,5 A
switching power max. 25 W / 25 VA
protection class IP 67
log nut optional
mounting form vertical 30
contact form N.O.
switching point falling
material Stainless steel
temperature range -25+ 160C
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