Safety sensor 165V62VL made of stainless steel

Safety sensor 165V62VL



Safety sensor 165V62VL is a magnetic safety switch with a robust housing design that can be used in a variety of applications.
The stainless steel housing, high IP69K protection class and the high temperature resistance of up to +80 °C make this ideal for use in hygienic or wet areas of a machine or system.


  • Safety sensor on Reed contact basis
  • Connection type: cable outlet
  • Stainless steel housing 28 x 96 x 14.5 mm
  • Contact form: N.O./N.O., optional control contact
  • Actuators 30426112V/VS

Front actuation

Operating distance (Sao) from 4 to 7 mm

Switch-off distance (Sar) from 16 to 18 mm

  • Temperature range from -25°C to +80°C
  • IP67 protection class (DIN EN 60529), IP69K (DIN 40050-9)
165V62VL Product inquiry
protection class IP 69K
temperature range -25C...+80C
magnet system 30426112V
air gaps for reliable switching function a = > 0,5 ≤ 4 mm, b = min. 16 mm
magnet system 30426112VS
air gaps for reliable switching function a = > 3mm ≤ 7 mm, b = min. 18 mm
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