Intelligent interface 363.96K30

  • Interface for input expansion
  • Can be used up to PL "d" (category 3) in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL2 in accordance with IEC 61508
  • 4 safe inputs with 1 N.O. and 1 N.C. contact each
  • 1 safety output
  • 4 control outputs 363096K30, 1 control output 363G96K30
  • For use with safety control units: 46312.B., 47012.B., 471EFR2D14K.
363096K30 Product inquiry
operating voltage 24 V DC 10%
current consumption 50 mA
control outputs 4
switching voltage 24 V DC 10% (safety output and control ouputs)
switching current safety output max. 20 mA
switching current control outputs each channel max. 200 mA
safety characteristics SIL CL: 2 / PL: d / cat.: 3
PFHD 1,80e-8
material of housing PA
temperature range 0+55C
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