Float switch (205 KS.2D) side mount

Float switch 205KS.2D side mount

With compression grommet and Teflon hinge


Float switch 205KS.2D side mount with compression grommet and flexible Teflon hinge is used primarily for tank monitoring in media with particles or solids. This cost-effective solution is also often used for detecting leaks, e.g. in industrial dishwashers.

The float switch side mount is a cost-effective solution that can be fully customised to suit your needs, and the switching function is reversible by altering the installation position.

  • Level measurement on reed-contact basis
  • Compression grommet
  • Compact design
  • Material: PP and PTFE
  • Contact form: N.O., N.C., changeover
  • One switching point as standard
  • Temperature range from -25 °C to +105 °C
  • IP67 protection class
205KS12D Product inquiry
switching voltage max. 250 V
switching current max. 1,0 A
switching power max. 50/50 W/VA
protection class IP 67
contact form N.O. or N.C.
material PP/PTFE
temperature range -25…+105°C
Contact United Kingdom
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